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An acronym for "Pussy Ass Bitch" as well as, but less commonly used for "Punk Ass Bitch".

Deduced by Cameron and Craig.
Man, that Craig is such a PAB.
by GrandeCanadian January 13, 2012
4 1
Passive Aggressive Bitch Slap
When you have a situation/conversation with another....In which afterwards you the other person reassures you all is well.....
Then 7-10 days later you receive a scathing email about how the situation/conversation has unsettled them... They then retreat and refuse to
talk about the situation.
Equivalent to the emotional sucker punch.....
After having a conversation, that I was reassured went fine, I was PABSed 7 days later.
by Riggins1 December 03, 2009
10 7
Any person who can best be defined as a Pussy Ass Bitch. Its that guy in high school who runs his mouth because he knows you cant hit him without being suspended. It is that police officer who acts tough because she has a badge pinned to her uniform. It is that teacher who hides behind big words but really lacks any real knowledge or understanding. If you have never encountered a PAB, you are either extremely lucky or a PAB yourself.
Person 1: Do you remember that guy in high school who wore sleeveless shirts every day and always talked a lot of shit?

Person 2: The guy who you wanted to kick the shit out of but couldnt because he would run and cry to the principal if you did?

Person 1: Yeah. What a PAB.
by BearJuda January 09, 2012
3 1
Acronym for plow a bitch. This "bitch" is just someone you have no feelings for other than to just 'plow' her.
Jim: I've known Carol for a while now, but I have no feelings for her, so I P.A.B. (plowed a bitch).

Hank: I wish i could P.A.B.
by holdmaaadick January 06, 2012
6 4
An acronym for the phrase 'Punk Ass Bitch'. Used to describe someone who is acting like a bitch, only worse.
Dylan: "JC's been pissing me off lately, he's such a buzzkill."
Pat: "I know, he's a PAB."

Passenger in car: "Dude, that dickhead just cut you off and crossed into the other lane!"
Driver: "FUCKING PAB!"
by jploedd December 07, 2011
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P.A.B stands for "Punk Ass Bitch." If you are pissed off at someone and you wanna talk crap back to them, just call them a P.A.B!!!
It's a normal day like no other and Johnny and his buddy Bob are just chillin' at school. Bob then starts making fun of Johnny as he usually does. Johnny doesn't know what to do, he usually just takes but, oh but not this time! Johnny gets so frustrated with his friend he replies back and says, "You know what Bob, you're a mother fucking P.A.B!!!" Bob was just shocked and from this day forward Bob has never and will never pick on Johnny!
by Jaypeee July 19, 2006
10 8
An acronym for "People Are Basically Stupid," which offers quick explanation for other's inane actions. Especially useful for real-time identification of reasoning behind obviously stupid activity when the target is within earshot. Also applicable, however, for expedient past-tense discussion of such activities.

PABS was cynically derived from the philosophical theory, "People are Basically Good." PABS can therefore also be employed in philosophical discussions providing explanation for emergent sociological behaviors which are seemingly irrational, such as group think. Whether the behavior is a result of simple non-thinking, or attributable to thinking people's lack of timely information, PABS's umbrella is arguably applicable.
Bewildered person: I really don't understand how that person is so confused by this vending machine.
Comforting response: PABS.

K: It sure seems like our government is highly ineffectual given our present tax burden, wouldn't you agree?
M: Indeed! PABS.
by Andy McAllister October 29, 2007
10 9