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An acronym for "People Are Basically Stupid," which offers quick explanation for other's inane actions. Especially useful for real-time identification of reasoning behind obviously stupid activity when the target is within earshot. Also applicable, however, for expedient past-tense discussion of such activities.

PABS was cynically derived from the philosophical theory, "People are Basically Good." PABS can therefore also be employed in philosophical discussions providing explanation for emergent sociological behaviors which are seemingly irrational, such as group think. Whether the behavior is a result of simple non-thinking, or attributable to thinking people's lack of timely information, PABS's umbrella is arguably applicable.
Bewildered person: I really don't understand how that person is so confused by this vending machine.
Comforting response: PABS.

K: It sure seems like our government is highly ineffectual given our present tax burden, wouldn't you agree?
M: Indeed! PABS.
by Andy McAllister October 29, 2007
An acronym used to describe a person who is a Pussy Ass Bitch.
Dude, that Kyle Olson kid is such a PAB.
by MyPseudonym321 September 25, 2013
The abbreviation for a pussy-ass-bitch. Synonyms for this phrase would be wimp, sissy, loser, scaredy cat, and dork.
Guy 1: Dude, don't be a PAB about it, just jump off the cliff into the water...
Guy 2: I'm not being a PAB, I just don't want to get hurt!
Guy 1: You're such a PAB...
by NotThePAB! September 07, 2013
Corey Hutson; Punk Ass Bitch
Wow, that girl's being a total PAB today.
by JHUT August 19, 2013
Punk Ass Bitch
Jared was being a PAB tonight, he was drunk after two beers.
by JohhnyBH2o October 19, 2012
Paging All Buttpirates
The guard said PAB on his radio and was raped by 7 homos
by dicktrickle April 21, 2012
1. Punk ass bitch.

2. An acronym used in internet trolling.

3. Usually used by a Punk ass bitch, Because only Trolls (see definition "troll") are ever in need of this acronym.
"Tom is being a PAB."

Quit trolling fag.
by johnsoninmikehunt June 19, 2011