A small amount of armpit hair..... guys can get away with it but girls cannot
"Whoa claire, you shouldnt be wearing a vest top today, blatant wiggage!"
by PhatVeronica April 28, 2008
2. brains, intelligence. Derived from Richard Lord Buckley's take on Einstein, "the Hip Einie."
"Here was a cat that carried so much wiggage, he was gigless."
by veedubfromsanfran October 24, 2007
The internationaly recognised scoring system by which a wigga is judged.
me: "fo shnizzle that wig sure knows how to nig it up baby! I'd give them a nine."

mate: you wigga loving fag, he looks like that wigga DJ westwood from the UK. i'm gonna mow him down wih my qualcast."
by 50 pence February 16, 2005

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