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Probably the best team ever to enter the Lacrosse World. Usualy the defence is ok, the attack is stellar, but the hilight of the team is the 3rd line midfield, do to their extensive good looks and overall flow.
They are most known for mackin on ladies after their game is over, and getting numbers. This usualy leads to a facebook friend request, the writing of on their walls, and subsequently never seeing them ever again.
Coach Jack: Owings Mills JV Lacrosse, will ONE of you come up to varsity?
Jake: No, my flow chop is too good!
Ben: No, I will start too many fights and manalyze the oposing team!
Tyler: No, I'm too busy gettin copp dome from emily.
Matt: Yes, because i hate ACTUALLY playing.
by OwingsMillsLaxer93 April 19, 2009
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