justin bieber
lady gaga
miley cyrus
the beatles
nicki minaj
little wayne

basically 65-80% of everything on vevos' youtube channel.
being overrated is not a good thing.
by Hawn Gnarley July 22, 2014
strong bad is the most overrated and unfunny thing to see the internet.
by bob July 03, 2003
1.) Generally thought of as better than it really is, often because of overexposure by the media.

2.) See Derek Jeter.
1.) Tiki Barber is overrated, just like Jake Plummer.

2.) Overrated-Man just made another error at Shortstop.
by Rodney Basil October 24, 2003
Slash is over-fucking-rated!!!!!!

Infact nobody has ever been more overrated in the whol history of life on earth.



So just get over it already.
by Master Shake January 14, 2005
Something (Whether it be a Movie, Band, Song, etc.) that gets more credit and fame than it necessary. I find it sad when someone uses this website to trashtalk a band (Master Shake and GnR). It's even sadder when he and his friend are the only people to give his definition thumbs up.
Nirvana is an overrated band.
Gangsta Rap is an overrated music genre.
Master Shake is an overrated human being.

Here are some examples of things that AREN'T overrated:
Slash is NOT overrated.
Guns N' Roses are NOT overrated.
by TeaBagMaster July 01, 2005
see PlayStation 2 and Dragonball Z
by Eddy October 22, 2003
(adj) Term used to perenially describe the Duke basketball and Notre Dame football programs.
Oh, look, Duke lost to Virginia Tech in basketball -- looks like they're over-rated again.
by AlphaJohn November 29, 2005

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