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biggest freaking faggot to shit on the mic. cannot rap worth crap and does nothing but jack off to young jeezy all day. as young jeezys states he likes to jizz a lot all over young jocs fat face.
fuck you young joc you cant rap worth shit and all your songs are crap and so is bad boy records fuck you bitches
by el reye September 10, 2006
The wrong way to spell the name of the rapper Yung Joc.
Wan: Yo dawg you hear about that rapper Young Joc?

Jon: No, but i've heard about "Yung" Joc, spelled without an "o".

Erbic: You know it sounds the same when said aloud right? Its impossible to differentiate audibly.

Wan: Erbic, why do you always have to correct people? Whatever, at least you still host the best driveway parties.

Jon: Parties are gay. I'm gonna go play FF11.
by March 13, 2009
a fagget rapper that has the gayest song on the radio now.
its goin down. nah fucking sucks
"Young Joc is horrible and anyone that likes his song should be killed. He is an example of how rap is going down the shitter."
by bino731 July 06, 2006
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