A word used by narcissistic, self obsessed chuckle fucks, who dislike something but cannot handle the concept of subjection and who believe their own opinions are more valid than the opinions of countless other people regardless or reasoning or taste.

an example might look like:

Mike: "hey Dan, whats your favorite video game?"
Dan: "Oh, I don't play video games, they're overrated"
Mike: "what do you mean?"
Dan "everyone loves video games so much, i just think its pointless, they're so overrated"
Mike: "So you're saying that each one of those people who DO like video games for their own reasons aren't valid, and are immediately discredited simply because you, one person do not? regardless off the fact that clearly everyone has different tastes in media and all enjoy different things for different reasons? and therefor the concept of "worth" is entirely personal, and not definitive measurement of what is good and what is not?"

Dan: ..."what?"
Mike: "its called subjection"
Dan ..."whats that?"
Mike: ..."You fuck-knuckle"
"regardless of all your opinions and tastes, that thing you like is simply overrated"
by CJ/Y November 28, 2014
Andre Vantelli (ed) -to rate or appraise too highly; overestimate: I think you overrate their political influence.
To overestimate the merits of; rate too highly.
Andre Vantelli, a legend in his own time.
The Quad is so Andre Vantellied Out, I decided to shop at Adam & Eve instead, because it is less overrated.
by Luicee Babii November 02, 2007
A player who gets much hype from his fans but actually sucks.
Lavar Arrington hasn't done much in his career but redskins fans love him, therefore he is overrated.
by skinshater September 21, 2005
a thing, person, or place that doesn't much the hype it was given.
some examples of overrated: New York City, Good Charlotte, Vice City, etc.
by KRHimself March 24, 2005
Urban dictionary.
The urban dictionary is overrated.
by urbandictionarysuxbigtime January 26, 2013
When something becomes overly popular and attains a fandom or fanboys/girls, who proceed to claim it is better than it actually is, to the point of utter retardation. A certain way to make something overrated is to have ignorant people embrace it, who will then employ all their ignorant and illogical might to defend it being questioned by anyone with a logical sense.
Examples of tings that have become Overrated as a cause of extreme and unjust popularity:

-Tyrannosaurus rex
-Mother Theresa
by Shut-up-dumbasses February 21, 2010
Green day; eyeliner; britney spears; anna nicole smith; borat; myspace tom; world of warcraft; horses; denim clothing; napoleon dynamite; both jakcass films; Ray Liotta

All good examples of this word. It means something that is popularized but really isn't all that great. i.e. my chemical romance.
I used my rational judgement and superior intellect to sift through a few things and find good examples of the word overrated.

Your mother is overrated.
by Rapisagainstmyreligion April 25, 2008

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