A word used (often incorrectly) by pretentious hipster snot bags to describe something or someone they don't care for, especially when they are describing something that is extremely popular or well known (such as The Beatles or Batman). Usually they use the word to sound cool and edgy, when really they sound like a giant asshole.

What "overrated" actually means is something is more highly appraised than it should be, which isn't necessarily bad.
Garret: Man, I hate the fucking Beatles! They're so fucking overrated!
Sam: Really? Are you saying that just because you don't like their music? I don't think you understand what that word means.
by heyitscarly28 March 20, 2014
A word often used by douchebags so that they don't have to give a coherent argument about why they don't like something.
Douchebag:"I think, "Breaking Bad" is overrated!
Normal Person: "Why do you care what other people think? Why don't you like it?"
Douchebag: "(Couldn't Answer)"
by Dick Of Dastardly Deeds November 18, 2013
Something that is over exaggerated as being cool and is actually REALLY annoying and people are fucking tired of hearing about.
the word legit
the hangover
step brothers
modern warfare 2
"sniping" on video games
jersey shore
All this shit is overrated and not cool at all no matter all the hype it's receiving.
A word used by narcissistic, self obsessed chuckle fucks, who dislike something but cannot handle the concept of subjection and who believe their own opinions are more valid than the opinions of countless other people regardless or reasoning or taste.

an example might look like:

Mike: "hey Dan, whats your favorite video game?"
Dan: "Oh, I don't play video games, they're overrated"
Mike: "what do you mean?"
Dan "everyone loves video games so much, i just think its pointless, they're so overrated"
Mike: "So you're saying that each one of those people who DO like video games for their own reasons aren't valid, and are immediately discredited simply because you, one person do not? regardless off the fact that clearly everyone has different tastes in media and all enjoy different things for different reasons? and therefor the concept of "worth" is entirely personal, and not definitive measurement of what is good and what is not?"

Dan: ..."what?"
Mike: "its called subjection"
Dan ..."whats that?"
Mike: ..."You fuck-knuckle"
"regardless of all your opinions and tastes, that thing you like is simply overrated"
by CJ/Y November 28, 2014
A word that means something is given more hype or credit than it deserves. Oversensitive people take overrated to mean something is bad. No matter how much you explain that it doesn't mean that, they will continue to continue on their rampage.
Person: (insert name or band here) is overrated.
by ledzeppelin1 September 12, 2014
Notre Dame's defensive front 7.
Alabama's offense shows a prime example of how overrated Notre Dame's defensive front 7 is.
by NoahB72 January 07, 2013
Whoever's shit Adam Gontier was talking about
(Tags only relate to the song)
"Overrated" by Three Days Grace is a kickass song!
by bbtdgfan123 September 24, 2010

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