When something gets more appreciation than it actually is worthy of.
Jonas Brothers: "Hugs are overrated, just FYI."
by thatgrammarnazi July 19, 2012
enough definitions here, so let me give you examples

lil wayne, soulja boy, usher, young joc, nick cannon, to name a few. too much air time, too much on t.v., because little kids, werent around when the legends, of 90s hip hop(2pac, notorious b.i.g., snoop dogg, jay-z, eminem, nas, etc).
with how hip hop has been heading, its due to young kids, who werent around when true 90s hip hop talent was around, which causes many performers, to be overrated
by joshua_2010_06 December 23, 2010
Being rated to highly;Fucking bag of shit;sucks.
Overrated= Forrest Griffin
by Death has a Shadow April 12, 2010
Charlie Weis believes dieting is overrated.
by Mister Wright November 15, 2008
To overestimate or rate something too highly..
Star wars should be the most overrated movie series in history...
by googler4ever May 10, 2006
adj: said of a person, work of art, or phenomenon that recieves undeserved credit or popularity.

Note: lately, the word has been abused in popular culture to label something popular that the speaker simply dislikes or has an objection to on principle. Among fans of hip-hop, said speaker is often deemed a hater. In extreme cases, he/she is labeled a punk bitch.

Also note, there is no such thing as "overrated" in indie culture. When the word is uttered in the presence of an indie kid, it is often followed by disembodied moans and howls and said person melting like a snowball in Hell.
Person 1: Ke$ha is overrated.
Person 2: Amen to that.

Person 1: Lana del Rey is so overrated.
Person 2: U jelly?

Person 1: Jay-Z is so overrated.
Hip-hop fan: You betta shut the fuck up, jealous punk bitch hater!

Person 1: Dude, Radiohead is so overrated.
by troll_slayer February 18, 2012
When something is better than it actually is, and people make so much of it, when in reality, it's really not that good.
Man1: DANG, Lebron James is my hero he's so good.
Dude: Hes really not that good man.
Man1: What are you talking about?!?!?!
Dude: Well I think he's overrated
by definitionmaster011 March 28, 2011

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