A word used to demonize someone or something(usually related to popular culture) when the time or brain capacity needed to define the person/thing isn't present.
Commonly used as a way to show superiority to it, fans of it, or simply people talking about it.
The more popular one of things becomes, the more it loses its artistic integrity with the masses, especially those who group themselves in the 'sophisticated underground culture'.

The funny thing is, so many people are calling things "overrated" left and right today that that term itself is becoming overrated, and so are they.
by Fayke March 07, 2007
Overrated is a term given to people with too much popularity. People often use this term to criticse celebrities.
Things that are overrated include: Naruto, LisaNova, Chris Crocker's Leave Britney Alone Video, Anime Music Videos, Internet Fads and Mudkips.
by IOEWVEWBOWEYVOP April 06, 2008
When something is completely glorified beyond actual value.
Megan Fox good looking, but completely overrated.
by lovelypretention March 11, 2010
Things where the hype is better than the actual thing. Basically Johnny Depp.
Things that will bring you insight on what overrated exactly means.
Brokeback Mountain
Napoleon Dynamite This one is a REALLY good example.
Orlando Bloom
Harry Potter
Phantom of the Opera
Napoleon Dynamite was incredibly overrated.
by Loi April 21, 2006
most of the girls who posted pictures in under the definition "hot" or "hottie"; see 'misguided' or 'wrong'
That first Asian chick is WAY overrated.
by Batswana Bob January 08, 2005
Taylor Swift
Fall Out Boy
Rap music
Lady Gaga
Overrated talentless blonde
by bbtdgfan123 September 15, 2010
halo. launch game for the microsoft xbox video game platform. heralded by many a clueless moron as the best game ever.
halo is the best game ever

(note : its actually no where near.)
by markgreyam January 06, 2005

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