will u go out and have funky dance party with me
Alex: would u like to go out with me
by Alex Stella February 03, 2008
Noun: a choice or chance to stay or go in any given situation.
"Tony was given his out from the family in the form of his dead cousin - a payment for past dues now retrieved by a bullet - and he took it with no pride: he was on a plane out of Jersey the next day."
by Phil July 12, 2004
The word you use instead of lunch if your too good for lunch.
-I have first outs.
-Lucky, I have second outs.
by jsdkgfewa August 07, 2006
not having any weed.
"bill, you got any weed?"
"no, i'm out"
by Pat Downs October 10, 2006
a passing of gas
That was a nice out!
by G.A. Clown April 19, 2004
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