Out is literally the opposite of "in".

In parts of Ireland "out" is also used as a slang term that reinforces the word that came before it. For instance, if a new TV show comes on and you dislike it, you might say "that show was bad out!". If you drink too much and have a hangover you feel "sick out".
1. I like that guy, he's cool out!

2. Yeah, I heard that new CD. Its shit out!
by Nigel Tufnel July 05, 2005
Not in.
They are out. Not in.
by Gaetani April 14, 2003
usually said, "Your out" or "Out" using a hand gesture where you lift the hand up at whatever is "out" and move the fingers outward in a quick motion, while saying "your out" or "Out", then you quickly put your hand down again.

-This means that the person or thing that you are talking to is just totally wrong, has killed a conversation, or is being completly random about something and does not make sense and you do not care about at all.
Pat: "Yo, I totally benched 160 pounds yesterday, doing 3 sets of 10, wanna arm wrestle?"

You: "Your out"(hand gesture).
by tim bryk February 28, 2005
1) - To be in a relationship with a significant other that is either in trouble or breaking apart

2) - The cards in poker that will give you a strong hand

3) - Options from which to choose from, almost always referring to payment options for a debt
1) - "My girlfriend and I are on the outs."

2) - "I had to hit one of my three outs to win the pot."

3) - "Why shouldn't I kick your ass? You've owed me $5,000 for the last month. You're not leaving me a whole lot of outs here."
by ACG2x January 03, 2004
Amongst musicians, means playing outside the harmony. Because that can sound weird, wild, crazy, bizarre, it is also used by musicians as synonyms for those words. Short for outside.
"He really plays out, man."
by Scogmo August 17, 2006
Outs are a way of defining where your weed was grown,
Outs means ... OUTDOORS versus being grown indoors.
A lot of the time the stuff grown outside is not as potent as the stuff you get that has been grown inside. However a lot of the time you get a really nice outdoorsy taste. Usually also cheaper so its great for fat blunts and parties where a lot of people will be wanting to smoke but are conveniently "just out"
"yo what you got on you?"
"i got some outs"
"oh let me get a quarter then"
"60 dills bro"
by mr know-it-alllll April 28, 2009
to state that you are leaving a certain place.
i'm leaving now so i'm outs
by abrod November 22, 2006

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