1. California's fifth largest county.
2. Home of the world’s tallest trailer, rain, the loudest chain saw, rain, the largest spruce-bark canoe, and more rain.
3. Place where mighty college mascots are a beaver and a duck.
4. Place where disgruntled “southern” Californians from the Bay Area, tired of freedom and proud of their very tiny miniscule carbon footprints, reside in perfect blissful intolerance with the other player hater, ecofascism, tweaker, drugslut, hedonist hippies.

Memo to other Oregon definition writers: THIS IS NOT A TRAVEL GUIDE…SO STOP LYING!!!

Consider the Oregon County Credo: “When people attempt to rebel against the iron laws of nature, they come into conflict with the very same principles to which they owe their existence as human beings. Their actions against nature must lead to their own downfall.” (Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler, 1925)

Disguised as grandparents, rich preppy snobs, techno-wankers, and assorted corporate suckups, they feed upon the blood of the free and fun-loving, by passing laws that force you to have a certified professional pump your gas, a city planner to make you take care of your property a certain way, and 10 times the number of bike racks needed for each private business. Hairy-armpit-hos, showerless emo-grungers, and wigged out wookie stooges continuously protest against freedom, much to the approval of the corporations in the service industry and the blood-sucking we-know-whats-good-for-you-bullies. Their pending legislation and lack of infrastructure development will soon force car owners to either drive a Yugo-type hybrid or subjugate themselves to mass transit and living in 2 bedroom townhomes.

The native Oregonian is practically extinct due to the massive influx of rodent-like sheep-people that spawn like rabbits and take advantage of the laws that extend health care, day care, hair care, bus fair and any other right not covered in any constitution anywhere. My family has lived in Oregon for three generations and I will be leaving for good once I graduate from High School.
Oregon used to be a nice place to live now out of my way so I can get out of here!
by Trailblazer Reborn December 29, 2007
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Wonderland. Eden. Serenity. Clean. Natural. Unruined. Green. Peaceful.
Dont visit we don't want you.
Dont visit we don't want you.
by ike December 30, 2003
No sales tax and people pump your gas for you and minimum wage is 7.25! I'm all for it!
Let go to Oregon so we dont have to pump our own gas!
by danielle October 10, 2003
The best state in the USA. The land is lush, the mountains are amazing, and the rain is the best scent you'll ever experience. The summers are amazing--quite warm, but never muggy--and the winters are the perfect time to go skiing on one of Oregon's many amazing mountains!

Oregonians are quite proud of their heritage when encountered on the east coast and take very personally when east coasters pronounce their state incorrectly.

P.S.~Oregonians can pronounce Nevada correctly, too.
I want to go to Oregon NOW!!
by MSS March 20, 2005
I am writing this in response to all the horrible mistakes people have written about oregon. 1st we hate californians because they move here and raise the price of houses and clutter up our street, and they can't drive, and not be cause we were them. 2nd. what kind of moron thinks that Eugene is the capital? It's salem you loser look at a map. 3rd We are fans of 2 colleges Oregon State and University of Oregon. Oregon State's colors are not green and yellow as some genious sugested in their definition. Oregon State's colors are Orange and Black. University of Oregons colors are green and yellow.

Oregon Rocks, we have everything. Beaches, Mountains, Rivers, and people who pump our gas for us.
I'm so glad i live in oregon where i know how to drive, and i know how to read a map and people pump my gas for me.
by lisa anne smith November 06, 2005
One of the most kickass states in the USA. Fewer crimes,friendlier people,not heavily populated,lots of pretty wooded and country area which unfortunatly can be hideouts for criminals and loons. Also many famous people have been to oregon to shoot movies and have homes built ((I hear Bruce Campbell lives in Medford Oregon.))
Screw any state thats not oregon!
by Zero1986 February 06, 2004
State in the USA.
Some cool things about Oregon:
Fir trees.
Heavenly rain that's good for you in many ways.
Fir trees.
Wood, lots of it.
Oregon marionberry.
Mt Hood, great place for snow related sports.
Fir trees.
Tillamook Creamery.
Portland: very unusually clean & friendly city.
No sales tax!!!
Fir trees.
Gasoline is graciously pumped for you, stay in the car.
Pendelton round-up (rodeo).
Excellent farm land.
Fir trees.
Crater lake.
Fir trees.
Fir trees.

Did I mention that there's lots of fir trees in Oregon?

Oregon is pronounced similar to carbon, not polygon.

Oregon suffers from a moderately poor economy, however nobody really notices it because there's so many services, and so many other cool things about Oregon that you'd never care if it did effect you, unless you're a Californian by heart.

However, I'm obligated to say that Oregon REALLY sucks, so you won't move in.
"Welcome to Heaven, I mean Oregon!" -meselfs, welcoming born again Washingtonians.

"Move to upstate New York???? YOU WON'T TAKE ME ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" -meselfs, talking to parents when 9 years old.

"Hey cool, it's raining. Again." -Everyone.

Grandma: "You're soaking wet, meselfs! Take a poncho next time!"
meselfs: "You're no Oregonian. I don't know you."
by meselfs May 20, 2005
The end of the Oregon trail. Home of Mt Bachelor, Mt Ashland, Timberline, Mt Hood Meadows, Willamette Pass, Hoodoo, Ski Bowl, and many other snowboarding spots. It's green and possesion of under an Oz of pot is only a civil fine! Come and visit me soon!
Damn, I live in some shit-ass state that won't let me get high and go snowboarding, I want to go to Oregon.
by Devan November 07, 2004

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