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Oregon is the home of the Beavers(Oregon State) and the Ducks (University of Oregon). We have huge amounts of microbreweries, friendly people, a lack of a sales tax, death with dignity act(assisted suicide), a law against pumping one's own gas, Yippies, Conservatives, Hippies, and copious amounts of meth addicts and pot lovers. We dislike Californians, especially those from the Bay Area,or..Ashland.. they raise property rates and pretend they know nothing about the state they are truly from because they know they'd get shunned if people really knew they were Californian, but true Oregonians can tell. Most people are fairly friendly though. We like our rain, trees, and decent driving skills. We are mostly pale, but what do you expect?
We are freethinkers, peace lovers, innovative, caring, never sways much of one way or the other kinds of people...and we like it that way.
Oregon is the shiz and everyone should know it.

Sue: "Damn. I wish my state was as cool as Oregon, I hate this overpopulated junk town I live in"

Joe: "I thought the only thing in Oregon was the Britt festival, Shakespeare festival, and washed up loggers?!"

Sue: "Pff. No."
by GranolaMuncher February 23, 2009
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