Name of swedish death metal band taken from Wilbur Smith's novel, "Sunbird" where Opet is the name of the city of the moon.
by Weston Portman September 17, 2003
Best metal band in the world, it will educate you all,listen and weep!
Demon of the fall
God heads lament
In the mist she was standing
hope leaves
black rose immortal
by Black orchid + RAgdoLL January 04, 2004
The Moor is a sweet song, but I like Demon of the Fall more.
by Mikael Akerfeldt March 26, 2003
An absolutely terrific progressive death metal band from Sweden, who lump together long, acoustic interludes, with long bouts of dynamic, layered guitar, so heavy and simultaneously intricate that it's immediately orgasm-inducing. Also a wonderful live band, who are probably a little too self-depriciative on stage with their humble attitudes, but play and sing all of their songs perfectly. Too often, though, their drummer flies home in mid-tour to suck his mother's tit, and they're forced to find an emergency replacement. Each song stands alone as a heart-touching story of death and sorrow, which are woven together to create each album, which is called an "observation." Mikael (vocalist) and Peter (guitarist) are sexier than sin, and should be allowed to play naked, lying down, and covered with Lubriderm body lotion under dark candlelight.
Opeth is a perfect death metal alternative to a wanky, long-winded black metal band.
by screambloodygore August 01, 2005
The best band in the world.
Mikael: Hey Johan, i'm kicking you out of Opeth because you can't comunicate with other members.
by OJO October 14, 2003
Opeth as a band presents the stylistic progressive music from the 1970's added with the progressive touch of the highly acclaimed scandinavian death-metal.
by Mikko Moilanen August 27, 2003
Pure meloncholic, emotionally charged, rapturously diverse melodic beauty.
Kid: "Don't you love the way Him capture emotion so well?".
Opeth fan: "Tut tut tut, my child. We will have to educate you" *lends the kid Morningrise and lets the unescapable magic unfold*
by loser^face August 05, 2005

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