The biggest pile of wank known to humanity. Each member in the boy band, stick each others genitalia in each others back passage. Forming a circle, whilst singing "This is what makes me beautiful."

Most girls say "me 4 harry styles" etc etc etc. When actually the boys don't even know they exist.

Nearly as gay as Justin Beiber.
Judith: "Ohhh, that was painful i just shat out One Direction."

Casandra: " Oh that smells awful, oh Judith that's disgraceful!"

Gerald: "Judith, let me see!"

*10 seconds later*
*Gerald vomits over Casandra's face whilst Casandra is in so shock she shits out Justin Beiber.*
by donkeyballs95 April 01, 2012
Which way do 5 gay guys walk?
One direction!

Enough said.
by 2Pac4Lyfe July 31, 2013
Proof that you can take a dump, call it a song, slap some pretty faces on it, and get famous from it.

Also proof that said dump can be fought over by clingy bitches all over the world.
Harry: Come on, Liam, we'll be late!

Liam: Just hold up, I'm writing our next One direction song.

*Takes large and painful dump*
by Name removed by the NSA December 05, 2013
A stupid boyband within the ranks of Justin Bieber and The Jonas Brothers.
This group of 19ish year old guys (Harry,Liam,Zayn,Louis,Niall) make stupid music that can give you ear cancer.
However, contrary to J. Bieber, a very FEW number of their songs are alright.
Mostly fangirled over by 8-10 who spend too much time on the internet.
See also directioners
by thatsmartalec April 16, 2013
4 British fags and 1 Irish fag. They are currently loved by all girls ages 6-13. They suck at singing and are taking over the U.S. even though nobody wants them here.
Person 1: Have you heard of the band one direction?
Person 2: Ya they are all gay and their music sucks.
Person 1: I know right.
Directioner (10 year old girl): They are so damn hot <333333 I love Harry he's my husband but he doesn't know it yet.
Persons 1&2: Fuck you.
by Thesexiestpersonalive June 17, 2013
1 - 5 twats who extremely piss off any guy whose girlfriend is a 'directioner' and makes their lives miserable while they talk about how hot Niall is or how 'cute' Zayn's eyes are and all the while make the guy seriously consider leaving.

2 - The one main flaw in a perfect girlfriend - they could be beautiful, funny, caring, and loving, which would make them perfect except they're a 'directioner', therefore dragging down their credibility.
1 - (girlfriend) omg I love One Direction and am going to see their film and Niall is the hottest creature ever and I'd almost definitely leave you if he came into my life

(boyfriend) (thinking: please fucking shut up, this is literally the last thing I want to hear, I wonder if she realises she's making me feel like shit)

2 - (person 1) Oh wow I'm jealous of your girlfriend, she's lovely and funny and insanely hot

(person 2) Yeah man I agree with you, she'd be perfect if it wasn't for the fact she's a huge directioner

(person 1) Oh shit, I feel your pain bro
by Fishforsupper August 20, 2013
Also see Terrorist, Fag, Homosexual, Justin Beiber

A bunch of british fags who suck each other off and fist each other in the anuses. Somehow, these talentless fags make girls love them, similar to what that Justin Beiber fag does. All 6 of these buttfuckers (including Justin Beiber) need to jump in a pit and fuck eachother until they all just die of STD's they got from their fathers as a small child.
Guy 1: Hey man, what are you listening to?

Guy 2: This new band called One Direction, they're pretty tal--

Guy 1: (Interrupting) FUCK YOU FAGGOT! GO SUCK YOUR MUMS DICK AND DIE! You probably take dick in the ass from your cat, and I hope you die from cat HIV. When you die, I will fuck your daughter on your grave, and I will piss on your grave every day until I die, bitch.

Guy 2: :(

Guy 1: Pussy Faggot...
by mitchell1011 February 07, 2013

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