A british fabricated boy band. Their fandom is composed of 12 year olds who think that they are sex gods. In reality they are girly boys, with girly bodies and girly voices. All the thumbs downs on this definition will come from their fans.
Crazy fan: One direction are so hot, they can get all the girls they want.

Me: No,not me. I'm a 17 year old girl and I don't find them hot, they are small and slim and repulsive.
by mashutka3 August 21, 2012
Another mind-numbing over-hyped, under-talented pop group made up of complete nobodies who won't have a career in five years time and won't even be remembered two years after that.

Typically listened to by pre-pubescent children and young teenagers who have no taste in music and will eat up what ever rubbish is served to them. Typical music listened to is the likes of JLS, The Wanted and other god-awful mainstream nonsense.
One Direction fan: OMG!!! Have you heard of one direction?! They are like soooo kewelsiez!! I <3 Them!!!

Metal Head 1: One Direction? Yeah, STRAIGHT INTO THE BARGAIN BIN!!!! LOLZ!!! NEXT!!!! \m/

Metal Head 2: Erm, have YOU heard of DECENT MUSIC??? Jesus, what a load of utter shite!!!
by The Way It Is May 08, 2012
another shit boy group put together by simon cowell who ofcourse have no talent and arent particularly attractive but hang somewhere between indie scenester kids and poppy douchebags.
One Girl - wow one direction are so original and fantastico
Two Girl - no, they have never written a song, none of them can sing and to top it off they are ugly.
Three Girl - id rather have my period twice a month than have this boyband exist, please god. Kill It
by Wo0o0ow Im In Belgium On Hols March 31, 2012
Another unoriginal boy band that will not exist in a few years. The said girls that enjoy this music listen to it with their eyes not their ears. It attracts the ears of the lesser intelligence.

Smart person: Not really i think ill listen to some music that has originality.
by Zoso April 23, 2012
One of the worst boy bands to hit the fucking planet. If you are a male from ages eight to eighteen, these are likely the only band any 1D fangirls (dubbed Directioners) will be talking about, or any mainstream-loving teenybopper for that matter. If you are a straight male, you either hate them with a passion or there is something wrong with you. If you are bi or gay, you'll probably only find Zayn Malik attractive..
One Direction sucks. Period.
by I hate 1D August 22, 2012
A shit,faggot group with teenage girl fans who finger themselves and have nothing better to do in life than listen to shitty music,THEY'RE NOT A FUCKING BAND,THEY'RE A FUCKING GROUP,GET IT RIGHT YOU RETARDS. If you want good music,fucking listen to You Me At Six. They don't care about their fans they just want fucking money.
Girl: "OMG One Direction are the best I love them!"
Me: "They're ugly faggots with shit music,they don't care about their fans,they just want fucking money."
by KinnearMeAtSix August 30, 2012
Five Justin Biebers
Person 1: What is worse than a Justin Bieber singing?
Person 2: Five Justin Biebers singing!
Person 1: I don't think it would be possible for such abomination to exist!
Person 2: Well, we are living in a really messed up time. It is called One Direction.
by imthebestkthnx June 11, 2012
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