Crappy Ass Pop/Boy Band act, only famous for winning The X Factor, who are really just another manufactured "band" put there for girls to go crazy over.
One Direction have no place in the world of music-and just like their predecessors (Bieber, Jonas Brothers, Backstreet Boys, etc.) their success will fade soon and within a year or two they will be all but forgotten.
#one direction #pop music #boy band #crap #shit #suck #sucks #lame
by GaaraoftheDamned November 20, 2012
The gayest boy band the world has ever seen. Consisting of homosexuals girls claim that one of the queers are theirs to marry. But they can't because there all HOMOSEXUAL QUEERS FROM HELL. They have a club called gay teenagers of the world (GTW). Their leader is the gayest of all of them called Justin Bieber. They all have orgies every night with each other. They have the worst music since Hannah Montana and The Jonas Brothers.
"Hey have your heard of One Direction?"
"You mean that gay boy band with the suck ass music"
"Yeah them.."
#gay #queer #one direction #justin bieber #homosexuals
by Wealthybigdick April 27, 2012
one direction is gay
#gay #shit #nonsense #lady #idiot
by geek101440 May 24, 2014
A shit,faggot group with teenage girl fans who finger themselves and have nothing better to do in life than listen to shitty music,THEY'RE NOT A FUCKING BAND,THEY'RE A FUCKING GROUP,GET IT RIGHT YOU RETARDS. If you want good music,fucking listen to evanescence. thankfully these fags will be forgotten in 1 or 2 years and replaced with some other mainstream bullshit.
dumbfuck: "OMG One Direction are the best I love them!"

Me: "They're ugly faggots with shit music,they don't care about their fans,they just want fucking money."
#gay #stupid #slapdick #dumbfuck #one direction #1d #1 direction #bullshit
by wolf15668 August 19, 2013
Five guys who auto tune the f**k out of their voice, don't care for their fans, copy every original group out there, have the biggest ego ever, and try to pick fights/get tattoos to make their dicks seem bigger. in other words five douchebags.
"he's such a douche" "who?" "Anyone in One Direction"
#harry styles #louis tomlinson #niall horan #oned #1d #zayn malik #liam payne
by Person#588 April 29, 2013
A Gay Boyband that wont be around next year.
They are a discgrace to music
Wow that band is shitty
Cant believe you listen to One Direction
#shit #horrible #discgrace #gay #boy band
by classicrock23 August 02, 2012
The Worlds worst boyband they can't sing they can't dance and all the fans love the ugly curly haired one, whenever something bad happens they all go mad like when they get girlfriends. The fans attacked TWFanmily when they came out of The Wanted tour because they are all Twats.
Directioner: OMG Harry is going out with caroline flack! We have to kill her now! One Direction have to stay single for me!

TWFanmily: Max Is getting married to Michelle Keegan I'm so happy I can't wait for the wedding!:)
#niall horan #louis tomlinson #harry (gay) styles #zayn ugly malik #and the other ugly one
by Love The Wanted! May 20, 2012
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