One Direction are a British-Irish boy band formed in London during the 2010 series of the 'X-Factor', consisting of members Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson.

They are popular among pre-teen girls and like to take their shirts off. Even though their entire fanbase is under the age of 15, they still like to sing about sex and how they all like Penis. There has been numerous reports (all with legit evidence, such as a picture of the 5 in bed together) claiming their almost certain Homosexuality.

Despite this they have a rabid fanbase of purely female tweens that admire the band solely for their looks. There really is no way they could actually 'enjoy' the music produced by their combined rectum.
Fangirl1: I LOVE U HARRY STYLES!!!11<3

Fangirl2: they arnt gay they have gfs ur just jelous so stfu


Fangirl4: ONE DIRECTION 4 LYF <333333

Me: I would face palm at the terrible grammar and general personalities that seems to go hand in hand with 'Directioners', but I fear I may get my hand stuck in the back of my cranium.
by Non-Fangirl Chloe August 12, 2012
A boy band that has taken over the the minds of stupid teenage girls that have squealing problems.

Me:Come on,they aren't that great.

Fangirl:YOU SHALL DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I WILL KILL YOU!!!!!!

Me:I'm behind a computer screen....You can't kill me.
by nonfangirlLawl December 24, 2012
The sexiest boyband out there. Consisting of Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and that leprechaun Niall Horan. Special guest appearances include: Olly, Wayne and Thomas singing This Is The Moment.
They came third on The X Factor 2010.
Pure amazingness.
They are gods.
And belong to the 5t4s girls.
Girl 1: I think I've got One Direction Infection!
Girl 2: Same!
by We'll be back shortly March 08, 2011
Another one of those crappy pop bands with all boys. While guys think they look gay, girls, for some reason love their looks. Their music, like most music today, is low quality crap that dominates the airwaves. Luckily, they will be forgotten in a year or two, and replaced by other mainstream crap.
Who's One Direction? Must be another one of those terrible bands that teenage girls love. When will music be good again?
by TheMan4747 August 18, 2012
A boy band which came in third on the X Factor in 2010, their fanbase consists of teen or pre-teen girls who care little about the music itself and merely wish to ogle the five boys as much as possible. These fans call themselves Directioners, not to be confused with Directionaters, and have become extremely possessive of the five boys in the band, despite the fact that these five people will never know of their existence. All of these fangirls will post variations of the definition of this boyband, most of which will include they words "hot" or "sexy", and won't really mention any music at all.
Directioner: I love One Direction, they are soooo hot! And sexy!

Sensible Person: What do their looks have to do with their music?...

Directioner: Does it matter? *stares at picture of boyband longingly* They are soooo hot! Their music is AWESOME! And they are sexy!

Sensible Person:Personally, i hate them.

Directioner: How dare you insult my future husband(s)! Their music is AWESOME and they are SO HOT!

Sensible Person: *realizes he/she is talking to a Directioner who will not see reason, presses on anyways* If they're so awesome, why don't they have any BOY fans?

Directioner: ...The're still hot.

Sensible Person: *sighs, walks away, and listens to iPod (Panic! at the Disco music) to wipe his/her mind of this awful discussion with crazed fangirl*
by EmShem May 06, 2012
A british fabricated boy band. Their fandom is composed of 12 year olds who think that they are sex gods. In reality they are girly boys, with girly bodies and girly voices. All the thumbs downs on this definition will come from their fans.
Crazy fan: One direction are so hot, they can get all the girls they want.

Me: No,not me. I'm a 17 year old girl and I don't find them hot, they are small and slim and repulsive.
by mashutka3 August 21, 2012
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