A sexy British/Irish boyband created in 2010 by the judges of the X Factor UK. Members include...

-Louis Tomlinson
-Zayn Malik
-Liam Payne
-Niall Horan
-Harry Styles

Louis, Harry, and Liam are full Brits while Niall is Irish and Zayn is British and part Pakistanian. They are gorgeous boys and have won the hearts of fans (DIRECTIONERS!!!) all over the globe.
Keep calm and... OMG IT'S ONE DIRECTION!!!!
by 1234girl1234girl1234 December 02, 2012
The MOST ATTRACTIVE 5 boys in the world
A british AND IRISH boyband who came in third on the X-Factor in 2010. Their first song was What Makes You Beautiful.
Their fandom, known as directioners, are known as the deadliest fandom, DO NOT INSULT ONE DIRECTION OR YOU WILL BE ATTACKED BY DIRECTIONERS. Just a warning.
They were put together by X-Factor judge, Simon Cowell
They are quite attractive
Niall Horan is the only Irish one
Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson are british

Louis name is pronounced Lou-ie
not lewis
if you pronounce it lewis
you will be refered to as a directionator
they do not have 3 songs... but 15 in their album
if you only know 3 you will be considered a directionator
the songs are not only
What Makes You Beautiful
Gotta Be You
One thing
but also
More Than This
Everything About You
Same Mistakes
I Want
I Wish
Save You Tonight
Up All Night
Stand Up
Stole My Heart
Tell Me A Lie

Memorize the lyrics
Know their names
One Direction is attractive
-- every girl in the universe
by A Directioner <3 July 13, 2012
a english boyband created by simon cowel in the 2010 X factor. they are well known for thier worldwide sensation in pop music. they have made it to the charts quite a number of times, with their debut singles "What makes you beautiful", "One thing", "gotta be you" and "live while were young". The group has become the best selling boyband worldwide and continue to produce no.1 selling music.

i fucking love one direction NIALL HARRY ZAYN LOUIS AND LIAM they are not gay they are straight!!!!!!!
i heart one direction to the max!!! <3
louis: can i hit you in the balls harry

harry: no i want tachos

niall: but i want nandos for lunch

liam: i want my turtle
zayn:do u like my ski haircut
everyone: i love being one direction
by stropy October 07, 2012
5 fit and talented guys from the X Factor
They have their own album,tour, singles and of couse loads of fans ~ directioners.

Everyone loves them !
Me; Carrots
Other Directioner; You love One Direction right
by Mrs Malik January 03, 2012
GOD BEST THING IN THE WORLD; a British boy band
One direction, Sexy, British, hot, pretty, perfect, great, Supercalafragilisticexpialidouchious, god
by My name is Mrs.Styles December 13, 2012
A band made to cheer Anwen Evans up
Anwen: "He just doesn't know he's beautiful!"
Pete: "I know right!"
by AnwenGoToSleep! February 13, 2012
Da sex. Hottest boyband out there. Includes 5 fit british lads: Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and Harry Styles.

Also known as '1D', our boys, hottest band in the history of the world etc...
Their fans are called Directioners. People say they're the deadliest of fandoms.
by Directioner4lyf December 26, 2011

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