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The most amazing five people to ever exist. Anyone who dislikes them is INSANE! This British and Irish boyband consists of Niall, Liam, Harry, Louis, and Zayn These five amazingly perfect boys are so great that no other boy can compare! Their fans are called directioners and if you say anything bad about 1D they will kill you with carrots and spoons then revive you and run you over with a lambrogini! DONT MESS WITH DIRECTIONERS!!!! Directionators are the totally wannabe know-nothing-about-1D so not fans who think they're directioners. Directionators are frowned upon by society. ONE DIRECTION ARE AMAZING AND LOVED BY EVERYONE
Girl 1: oh my carrots did you see One Direction's concert last night
Girl 2: Oh my carrots YES!!!! they were so hot!!
girl 3: I threw my panties on stage and Niall picked them up *swoon*
by CShro August 03, 2012

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