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A dan Richards is a creature of curiousity. You would find such a creature around comic book shops, behind an old dirty porno shop, inside antique shops, outside glass windows of curves, or reading poems in the meadows. He loves reading/writing sappy poetry about his sad life. If you see him around a computer it is usually a funny sight. he will be either looking up anime porn, dating line services, ED info, game cheats for playstation 2, and his favorite cartoons in a adult film. he types like he has never seen a computer before. if you stand behind him when he is typing it looks like Big foot just got caught masterbating. Never look at dan richards in the eyes because he will get into his usual pissy patty rage. he will then proccede to push babys to the ground.
Did you see that Dan Richards the other day... He ate that baby in one bite.
by Jizten April 23, 2009

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