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A fun loving girl is is friends with everyone who she meets! She is sometimes aggressive, but other than that, she is pretty sexy and nice and cute and funny. One of a kind.
OMG! You are such a Anwen today!

by IDK- Thatguy? October 25, 2011
She is the greatest person ever, the best kind of girl you can find. She is smart pretty, cute and awesome. She is great to hang out with and is so much fun. she is a wonderful friend which comes in hand because she is the friendliest person alive. Haya and Mary y are even lucky to know her. They should be so grateful for being her friend. :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Mary: WOW I'm so happy I'm Anwen's friend!
Haya: ikr me too!
Anwen: np I am happy to be ur friend ;)
by glittergurl2500 January 01, 2014
Anwen is a friendly, nerdy girl who loves Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. She's a Hufflepuff and is a particularly good finder. She likes to refer to herself as Peregrin Took and her friend as Meriadoc Brandybuck from LOTR. She is obsessed with Starkid and everything to do with Jeff Blim. She also loves English Literature and History. Overall, a SuperMegaFoxyAWESOMEHot dauntless from District 11.
"Why is she wearing a leaf?"
"That isn't just a leaf, that's the Elven Leaf brooch that everyone in the Fellowship wears."
"Wow, she's such an Anwen."
"Yeah, I know."


"Ugh, I can't find my planner..."
"Ask Anwen, she's a particularly good finder."
by imakefaces September 01, 2012

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