A girl you'd have sex with according to the binary scale
"one is the loneliest number that you'll ever do"

Brian: That girls ugly i give her no more than a 3

Andy: She have boobs and a vagina? Shes a one in my book
by JRo June 19, 2006
1: Peace
2: lata
3: bye
4: peace out
Yao Ming: Bye shaq
Shaq: one

50 Cent: bye Fab
Fabolous: one fifta
by Fabolous May 21, 2003
A woman (or man) with whom the person in question would be willing to have sexual intercourse. See binary system.
Two men walk down the street and see a hot woman walking in the opposite direction:

Guy 1: "One."
Guy 2: "Hell yeah that's a one!"
by gc123 July 08, 2007
to end a converssation
yo im about to be out, one.
by PhillyKlown August 19, 2006
goodbye to someone in which you mean to say, 2 people becoming 1.
see you later baby, one!
by Shanikama December 12, 2005
1. The first number in order.
2. On the keyboard, it's the number and a exclamation mark.
1. One, two, three, etc.
2. OMG IZ TAT JOO???!!111
by You. December 07, 2005
A funny peice of comedy used by Spaceghost on the Spaceghost Coast to Coast episde "Boo Boo Kitty"
"One, one is the lonliest number you'll ever do... boo boo, oh what a fine cat, what a lovely wife you would have made."
by AciDroP July 26, 2003

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