da hidden way of showing your on E... see how da E is da onli one das caps...?
nice shirt y's it say one..? no it says onE cuz im on extasy.
by MiZ StaCi August 11, 2003
what hippies try to be with the earth.
"be one with the earth. hippie."
by lauren September 02, 2003
Word used for police.
"The ones pulled me over for bangin my music too loud"
by C!NO August 20, 2009
penis, dick, cock, shaft, genitalia
your one is the nicest one around
by Kevin MacDougall April 18, 2008
1. peeing
2. anything relating to the penis or the vagina

I stuck her in the one hole last night
by num May 13, 2004
One is the loneliest number.

Life isn't easy when two are divided
And one has decided to bring down the curtain
And one thing's for certain
There's nothing to keep them together
-Aimee Mann
In this confusing world of social conformity I feel as if I am only one.
by one March 30, 2004
When a man has a penis and a penis has a man.
One? One. Won. Wun.
by fdfdsfdfsd August 10, 2003

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