one (1) love, hiphop
it's a rap, one.
by randy [blur] robbins August 23, 2003
one is short for one love. Usually said at the end of a conversation.
Steve smith: ight bro hit me up peace
Chuck Aggie: alright baby one!
by Jamal silver December 25, 2010
dfinition - a person that you are friends with. The slang word is used very often by the Olin Block Family Gang in South Arkansas.

what up one?? where the hoes at one??
by A-STATE RIDER March 08, 2009
later, or goodbye
Llama dude: Catch you later man
Vikings: One
by Adam January 08, 2003
A girl you'd have sex with according to the binary scale
"one is the loneliest number that you'll ever do"

Brian: That girls ugly i give her no more than a 3

Andy: She have boobs and a vagina? Shes a one in my book
by JRo June 19, 2006
An Irish term for a woman. Some people find this term to be be derogatory.
Jaysus look at the wound on yer one!
by Dr A July 29, 2005
An acronym for Omaha, Nebraska.
Yeah dude, I'm from the O.N.E.
by Frazzy-B January 13, 2005
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