The biggest pile of wank known to humanity. Each member in the boy band, stick each others genitalia in each others back passage. Forming a circle, whilst singing "This is what makes me beautiful."

Most girls say "me 4 harry styles" etc etc etc. When actually the boys don't even know they exist.

Nearly as gay as Justin Beiber.
Judith: "Ohhh, that was painful i just shat out One Direction."

Casandra: " Oh that smells awful, oh Judith that's disgraceful!"

Gerald: "Judith, let me see!"

*10 seconds later*
*Gerald vomits over Casandra's face whilst Casandra is in so shock she shits out Justin Beiber.*
by donkeyballs95 April 01, 2012
Tone deaf british dudes with no musical talent whatsoever that gained popularity by being "attractive"
Stupid Directioner Girl: Omggg i get to see one direction in concert!!!!'

Smart dude: Get a life they suck
by HatersMakeMeFamous June 01, 2014
One direction is the worst British band ever. They are terrible singers and they are really ugly. They are wanna be's. They steal quotes and stomps from other bands.
Person: let's kill one direction.

The world: YESSSS!!!!
by Sode no shirayuki June 27, 2014
Crappy Ass Pop/Boy Band act, only famous for winning The X Factor, who are really just another manufactured "band" put there for girls to go crazy over.
One Direction have no place in the world of music-and just like their predecessors (Bieber, Jonas Brothers, Backstreet Boys, etc.) their success will fade soon and within a year or two they will be all but forgotten.
by GaaraoftheDamned November 20, 2012
Which way do 5 gay guys walk?
One direction!

Enough said.
by 2Pac4Lyfe July 31, 2013
Five clean cut X-Factor rejects that couldn't last on their own, so Simon Cowell slapped them together, and One Direction was born. All you need to know is their music is soulless and migraine inducing, they're only famous because girls think they're cute, they're basically a group of British Justin Biebers', and their fans are insane.

They're the herpes of music - they just won't fuck off!
Reaction to What makes you Beautiful: "You don't know you're terrible."
Reaction to One Thing: "I need an aspirin."
Reaction to Live While We're Young: I'm going crazy, crazy, crazy, alright."

Conclusion: One Direction need a one way ticket to irrelevancy.
by OneDirectionSuck(andsodoyou) August 27, 2013
Also see Terrorist, Fag, Homosexual, Justin Beiber

A bunch of british fags who suck each other off and fist each other in the anuses. Somehow, these talentless fags make girls love them, similar to what that Justin Beiber fag does. All 6 of these buttfuckers (including Justin Beiber) need to jump in a pit and fuck eachother until they all just die of STD's they got from their fathers as a small child.
Guy 1: Hey man, what are you listening to?

Guy 2: This new band called One Direction, they're pretty tal--

Guy 1: (Interrupting) FUCK YOU FAGGOT! GO SUCK YOUR MUMS DICK AND DIE! You probably take dick in the ass from your cat, and I hope you die from cat HIV. When you die, I will fuck your daughter on your grave, and I will piss on your grave every day until I die, bitch.

Guy 2: :(

Guy 1: Pussy Faggot...
by mitchell1011 February 07, 2013

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