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Five Justin Biebers
Person 1: What is worse than a Justin Bieber singing?
Person 2: Five Justin Biebers singing!
Person 1: I don't think it would be possible for such abomination to exist!
Person 2: Well, we are living in a really messed up time. It is called One Direction.
by imthebestkthnx June 11, 2012
Crappy Ass Pop/Boy Band act, only famous for winning The X Factor, who are really just another manufactured "band" put there for girls to go crazy over.
One Direction have no place in the world of music-and just like their predecessors (Bieber, Jonas Brothers, Backstreet Boys, etc.) their success will fade soon and within a year or two they will be all but forgotten.
by GaaraoftheDamned November 20, 2012
Just the best, hottest boy band out there.

Made up of five british teenage guys; Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan.

Some say it's not possible to find a group of friends that are all so hot, but hey look at them.
Person 1: Have you heard one direction's new song?!

Person 2: OMG yes! I love it! Can they be any hotter? Seriously!

Person 1: Not possible. ;)
by Chloeee93100 August 23, 2011
Also see Terrorist, Fag, Homosexual, Justin Beiber

A bunch of british fags who suck each other off and fist each other in the anuses. Somehow, these talentless fags make girls love them, similar to what that Justin Beiber fag does. All 6 of these buttfuckers (including Justin Beiber) need to jump in a pit and fuck eachother until they all just die of STD's they got from their fathers as a small child.
Guy 1: Hey man, what are you listening to?

Guy 2: This new band called One Direction, they're pretty tal--

Guy 1: (Interrupting) FUCK YOU FAGGOT! GO SUCK YOUR MUMS DICK AND DIE! You probably take dick in the ass from your cat, and I hope you die from cat HIV. When you die, I will fuck your daughter on your grave, and I will piss on your grave every day until I die, bitch.

Guy 2: :(

Guy 1: Pussy Faggot...
by mitchell1011 February 07, 2013
Proof that you can take a dump, call it a song, slap some pretty faces on it, and get famous from it.

Also proof that said dump can be fought over by clingy bitches all over the world.
Harry: Come on, Liam, we'll be late!

Liam: Just hold up, I'm writing our next One direction song.

*Takes large and painful dump*
by Name removed by the NSA December 05, 2013
Five clean cut X-Factor rejects that couldn't last on their own, so Simon Cowell slapped them together, and One Direction was born. All you need to know is their music is soulless and migraine inducing, they're only famous because girls think they're cute, they're basically a group of British Justin Biebers', and their fans are insane.

They're the herpes of music - they just won't fuck off!
Reaction to What makes you Beautiful: "You don't know you're terrible."
Reaction to One Thing: "I need an aspirin."
Reaction to Live While We're Young: I'm going crazy, crazy, crazy, alright."

Conclusion: One Direction need a one way ticket to irrelevancy.
by OneDirectionSuck(andsodoyou) August 27, 2013
A British "Pop" Band composed of Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik. The only reason I actually know this is because I literally can't go through one week without hearing how "hot" Harry is, or how Niall will always be better that Zayn, from a fangirl that irritates the shit out of me. I'll admit, they actually have decent voices, which is more than I can say for the Jonas Brothers. Yeah, remember them? Anyway, they don't remotely deserve the success they have achieved. They get people with real talent, like Tom Fletcher, to write their songs. And those are the ones that are more original than, ooh, I Love you baby, you're so beautiful, i see it, even if you don't. I think Skrillex's lyrics have more diversity than "What Makes You Beautiful."OK, so moving on to their fans. "Directioners." Yep, We give nicknames to fans now. (I wonder what we would have called fans of Led Zeppelin back in the day, Hindenburgers?) Anyway, One Direction fans stick to their band like a cult. They can be the most vicious people I know. I would say about 95% of One Direction Fans like them for their looks. I'll admit, they are pretty good looking. But if you are making money for your looks, then stick to modeling, and let 13 year-old girls drool over you then. You'd actually have some credibility for your work. So, you might be asking me, what about the other 5 percent? If they actually like them for their music, then they just have bad taste.
FanGirl: OMG! Harry is just so hot! He is so mine! I'm going to marry him and he's going to have my kids and we'll live happily ever after! *sigh*

FanGirl2: Uh, EXCUSE ME! Niall, is like, so better, and like, cuter than Harry! Harry is always, like, the front man, and Niall never gets any, like, credit for all that he does for One Direction.

Reasonable Person: You realize that neither of them are going to marry you, or go out with you, or have sex with you. They're most likely going to marry supermodels and then divorce them after 2 years, and then re-marry 3 more times until they just fall into disrepair and all the 10-14 year old girls in the world abandon them and drool over some other boy band. Now with that I will take my leave. *walks away while blasting Stairway to Heaven*
by Mr. Truth-Speaker June 19, 2013