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Awesome band that is closely related (just by sound) to Screeching Weasel. And both bands did a ramones cover, and are friends. Best albums is punk rock confidential, don't back down, beat off.
See ya later fuck face!
by screechingqueer June 21, 2005
One fucking awesome band
"You suck, motherfucker, I hate white power, I hate your band, cant you see this aint nazi germany, bring on the beers, cuz we are the queers!"
by friedman February 19, 2004
a sweeeeeeet fucking awsome punk band sort of a modern ramones
hi mom its me
mrs brown you've got an ugly daughter
i didnt puke
punk rock girls
by mu moo September 03, 2003
A group of females that do funny stuff to each other and other people. REALLY HILARIOUSLY FUNNY STUFF.
Oh well would you look at that...The Queers are up to no good again LOL!!!!!
by Excellent June 14, 2003
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