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Nial is a really cute guy that is just perfect in every way possible. No matter what he does, it just never makes him look bad. Every girl's mr. perfect.
Grace: oh my god did you hear that Nial's in a choir?
Carolyn: I know but I don't think it's bad because that means that he isn't shy!
by LylyKendall March 11, 2010
1. "nope its actually legit" or "nah its also legit"

A term used when someone is confused about what

the situation is about, or necessarily about they

commonly get the simple response 'NIAL'

Not to be confused with

"Not in a lifetime" or NiaL
Bro #1: Wow i thought you were joking about going out with Alexis..
Bro #2:NIAL... why?
Bro #1:"*something insulting about Alexis*"
Bro #2:*hits bro #1**walks away mad*
by IDEKG July 15, 2011
Nocturnally inclined as langered, a term to describe a state where individuals who cannot drink have 3 shandys and then nial occours.
1 pint- complete character change, 2 pints- here comes Bin Laden airlines first passenger ,3 pints- nial !!
by Happy J March 03, 2003
Enjoys spooning with certain friends.
Joe : hey dude, did you spoon that bloke last night?
Harold : yes i gave him a good old nialling up ;D
by em'aun August 04, 2009
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