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A single, unemployed, welfare recipient mother of six children who goes on to have even more fertility treatments on the government's dime and gives birth to octuplets, without any real concrete or solid plans for how she is going to be able to support herself and 14 children.

See: Nadya Suleman.
While most large births of septuplets or more receive positive press, including praise and free gifts, the American taxpayers are more concerned about how they're going pay for all of Octomom's 14 children, seeing as how she apparently isn't capable of paying for them herself.
by Cashman73 February 10, 2009
The selfish California woman who decided that being unable to properly raise and care for 6 kids wasn't enough, so she had 8 more, rationalizing all taxpayer assistance by referring to it as "temporary" (which, obviously, means it doesn't qualify as assistance).
The State of California must lay off an additional 50 workers to pay for the new Octomom Assistance Bill.
by Andyistakensoi'lljustkeeptypin February 17, 2009
Despite having six children, Nadya Suleman gave birth to Octuplets. All 14 of her children were conceived with the help of IVF. Suleman is a single mom who is unemployed, on welfare, and lives with her parents. How she paid for the IVF cycles and plastic surgery is a mystery to us all. There is a possibility that she used taxpayer's money.
Many animals on the lower end of the food chain reproduce in massive amounts, like Octomom, in hopes that a precious few will survive to into adulthood.
by Lena Scarlette Katrina February 11, 2009
From one scumbag, 14.

Where my tax dollars are going.

She's a joker, she's a smoker, she's a midnight toker- and she bought it with your money.
Nadia Suleyman is the original octomom.
by RighteousFight February 27, 2009
A mother with 8 tentacles emerging from her vagina.

Number one do-it-yourself artificial family builder.

A woman who pops out several hundred babies.

A jank version of Angelina Jolie

A man's worst nightmare when a lawyer comes seeking child support.

Made pregnant via turkey baster status.

Will kill you with her uterus.


The real baby mama.

An everlasting single woman.
dat bitch is uh Octomom!

yee tell'um Maury!
by terra R February 17, 2009
A woman with 8 children who is a huge sob story and is asking for money and is complete bs. No one likes her even though the media flips out and wants you to love her so much and help her raise her 8 children that she had when she should have thought about beforehand.
by Driskoll August 27, 2009
A being too grotesque for science fiction, whose only objective is to receive collagen shots and reproduce at all costs.
Octomom is a candidate for the worst person alive.
by pops87 November 15, 2009
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