Nadya Suleman. An unmarried woman who decided to artificially produce 8 babies with assisted reproductive technology. The phenomenon of her surviving octuplets gave rise to her name, the "octomom".
It's a bird, it's a, it's an octomom!
by ohhappydays February 14, 2009
What happened when the now unemployed former James Bond girl Octopussy got pregnant.
Octopussy got pregnant and became Octomom.
by neologlunatic July 13, 2009
A Woman that is affected by a mental illness , but no one seems to take that into account when they critisize and ridicule her. The octo grandma suggested that her daughter was affected by obssesive conpulsive dissorder, which should be obvious by now.
This lady needs help , and just how you dont make fun of the retarded kids at school or the lady with no legs selling fruit on the corner, you dont make fun of the octomom.
outraged taxpayer: this stupid bitch octomom will have spent a total of 2 million of my tax dollars on her litter of kids by the end of this month, i demand justice, i say we eat her children and burn her alive.

my mom: honey, you're not supposed to pick on retards.
by keyboardsponge February 25, 2009
A chick that has 8 kids at one time via artificial insemination.
Friend 1: Oh look! that chick is knocked up!

Friend 2: Sweet! She puts out!

Friend 1: Maybe...unless she's octomomin
by JFoo February 10, 2009
A woman with 8 arms and legs capable of handling more and more kid stuff.
Geez! You'd think I was some Octomom or something with the kids' lives these days!
by Injeanuity February 06, 2009
Any mom who does eight (or more) things at once. So, simply, ANY mom.
An example of a conversation with an octomom:

While I'm talking on the phone with you, I'm going do these dishes up, wipe Bridget's nose and get that Hot Wheel car door out from under the fridge. Oh, and let me pull that online class while I text my husband at work to see if he can get home a little early so I can go get groceries before yoga so Avery doesn't flip out in the morning because there's no Puffins. You asked me to remind you that tomorrow's your turn for snack at ECFE. I'm bringing coffee.
by cleverkate March 25, 2009

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