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lesbian who wants to give birth to her own child. so called because of the infamous episode of Brookside when artificial insemination was attempted using a turkey baster
kevin thought he had scored when he pulled ms spicer at stringfellows only to discover she was a turkey baster
by theWestHamfan December 17, 2003
When a woman after sex, takes the condom and uses a turkey baster to suck out the contents then uses it to artificially inseminate herself, without the knowledge or consent of the male.

Often done to gain child support from pro sports players, or to prolong bad relationships.
After hooking up with the cheerleader at the homecoming party, Tyrone Biggins found himself a victim of a turkey baster. He is now the father of 6, and he still can't figure out why condoms aren't working.
by SouthwickCafe January 31, 2011
When 20-somethin male bangs his friend's super fat mom and fills with little monsters.
"Fat old lady turkey; baster young male"
"Brandon has many times proven to be a turkey baster."
by poly4 July 21, 2013
Any junkie who has been using needles so long that they have blown out all of their veins and now must break the tip off of the needle and squirt their dope (heroin, cocaine, meth, oxys...whatever their drug of choice is) up their ass to get high. This is usually followed by the person shitting his/herself and is pretty amusing to watch.
Junkie #1: I love to turkey baste my dope but i hate cleaning the shit off my leg when I am done.

Junkie #2: That is why I turkey baste over the toilet man, no mess to clean up.

It is so sad to see Randy now, I hear that he is a turkey baster. He is wasting his life shooting meth up his ass.
by two lips April 20, 2010
Someone who teases heavily with intent to arouse sexually. Getting a woman wet before sex.
You turkey baster! (said while being sexually teased)
by kinkasaur November 13, 2006
The action of turning the penis into a turkey baster by pinching it closed when one is about to ejaculate. Then, in one quick move, squeezes their balls and releases their hand in order to blow the whole load on someone's ass (Which, in some opinions, may resemble a turkey).
Easton Michael hooked up with a girl who had nice side boob and gave her a turkey baster.
by Jeremy Robinson November 27, 2007
when a guy and girl have sex unprotected then the guy eats the girl out after the sex
Guy: man did you hear how chris turkey bastered his sister last night? that shits gross.
Girl: yeah we should call him turkey baster.
by Bnugz November 19, 2006

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