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A single, unemployed, welfare recipient mother of six children who goes on to have even more fertility treatments on the government's dime and gives birth to octuplets, without any real concrete or solid plans for how she is going to be able to support herself and 14 children.

See: Nadya Suleman.
While most large births of septuplets or more receive positive press, including praise and free gifts, the American taxpayers are more concerned about how they're going pay for all of Octomom's 14 children, seeing as how she apparently isn't capable of paying for them herself.
by Cashman73 February 10, 2009
The self-described nickname for failed 2013 Virginia Gubernatorial candidate and GOP nominee, Ken Cuccinelli. Ironically, it is also the nickname of the part of the female anatomy that Cuccinelli's party desires to regulate and limit women's freedom of.
Despite a massive amount of spending, in the end, voters in the Commonwealth of Virginia just couldn't swallow the Cooch.
by Cashman73 November 06, 2013
A nickname for failed 2008 Republican Vice Presidential Candidate, Sarah Palin. The nickname plays off of the winter weather predominant in Palin's home state of Alaska, combined with the popular Jersey Shore character, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, who has a similar IQ and who also says things that make people want to punch her in the face.
Did you hear what Snowball Snooki just tweeted? I can't believe anybody would say something like that! If she keeps talking like that, I'll probably punch her in the face!
by Cashman73 January 12, 2011

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