1. A young man who is sexual interested in older females; inverse of a cougar. 2. An adorable, wild species of feline.
Dude, she's like twenty years older than you. Don't be such an ocelot.

Salvador Dali was known to travel with his pet Ocelot, Babou.
by DMBBE February 10, 2011
A pet, usually owned by people of a certian flamingly homosexual persuasion. In this sense, "ocelot" is most commonly used as an indicator of a lack of manhood, usually through the phrase "go walk your ocelot," or "your ocelot needs walking."

see also: Ocefelatiator.
Tom: I say, that chap in the lime green polo and the Cubs hat falling down drunk on you is making it hard to enjoy this fine drinking establishment.

Dick: Indeed, he should remove himself from this bar to go walk his ocelot.

Harry (to chap in lime green polo): Sir, my friends and I would like to inform you that your ocelot needs walking.
by burgler June 29, 2006
A Homosexual male. A man who is compelled to have sexual relations with other men. See fag.
George Michael is an Ocelot.
by FoamyJesus August 10, 2006
a little beast who sucks and needs to bow down to megan like a tree to the wind.
why are you such a little ocelot, emu?
by skippy August 19, 2003
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