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Someone who obtains sexual gratification from being physically or emotionally abused, humiliated or mistreated, either by another or by oneself.
by Skippy June 13, 2003
a guitar company that makes sweet guitars and basses
i just got a p-bass and a stratocaster
by skippy October 01, 2003
The obtaining of sexual pleasure from sadism (= hurting other people) and from masochism (= being hurt)
by skippy June 13, 2003
the obtaining of pleasure, sometimes sexual, from being cruel to or hurting another person
by skippy June 13, 2003
to peter pan, or peterpanning someone, is when a girl lies on a bed spreading her legs, while the guy runs at her and the jumps up and lands with his penis in her vagina. This has never been performed by any human being alive except for Peter Pan, because he can fly. Caution to all who may try this.
I peter panned your mom last night. It was like flying.
by Skippy April 05, 2005
Temporary solution for all of lifes problems.
Eh lets go drink some beer after school and get drunk!!!
by Skippy December 12, 2003
Someone who enjoys both sadism and masochism
by skippy June 13, 2003

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