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4 definitions by bal-de-vis

The combination celebrity name the tabloid press will give to Connie Chung and Jennifer Lopez after they've both turned lesbian and become a romantic couple.
TMZ reports a Conifer sighting last week at l'usine de putain, Wolfgang Puck's new restaurant in La Jolla.
by bal-de-vis January 25, 2010
Any woman in the growing list of Tiger Woods' mistresses.
That Tiger does enjoy ocelot.
by bal-de-vis December 14, 2009
State of the weather when the temperature is between 70 and 79 degrees Fahrenheit.
It was freezing yesterday, but now it’s gone all kutchery outside.
by bal-de-vis April 23, 2009
A truck or van which, having been seen from a great distance from a bus stop, bears a remarkable resemblance to a bus, but upon closer approach proves to be of absolutely no use for the purpose of public transportation.
I thought my seemingly endless wait at the bus stop was finally at an end, but my heart sank when I realized it was just another fuccubus.
by bal-de-vis October 17, 2011