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The excitement surrounded by Obama's presidency.
Wow It was a total Obamarama out there!
by Binaa January 23, 2009
1. The massive worldwide party that will now ensue due to Barack Obama being elected, lasting until his succession/assassination.
"What do you think about Obama's views on drug policy and criminal justice reform?"

"Shut the fuck up and enjoy the Obamarama!"

"Lets go drink beer!"
by ShaolinPete November 07, 2008
The wild festivity that erupts, particularly in the streets, when celebrating President Obama. Usually includes huge masses of people and a lot of Obama t-shirts, buttons, hats, or whatever other Obama items are being sold in the street.
Did you walk the inauguration parade yesterday?
Oh yeah and with all those supporters and items with Obama's face everywhere it was total Obamarama
by Pixie Peach January 21, 2009
Parties held on the elction and inaugaration day of Barack Obama.
I got totally smashed at that obamarama last night
by Geeorgiaa January 21, 2009
Pro Obama rallies.
There were more attendees at the Obamaramas than at the tea parties.
by C. L. Bee See April 15, 2009
The stratospheric level of enthusiasm lended by crowds in attendance of US Presidential Candidate Barack Hussein Obama. The orgasmic reactions by Women at a political rally hosted by Barack Hussein Obama.
Did you see those Women faint at the mere sight of Obama, it was like an Obama-rama. 'So you votin for Obama-rama or the Manchurian Candidate McCain?'
by 60 Central March 18, 2008
The obvious craze for Barack Obama presidential election. Why people have this is beyond me...
Man, I saw this nigga up in the club, and that fool had Obama-rama!
by j_u_i_c_e February 11, 2008
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