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1. The massive worldwide party that will now ensue due to Barack Obama being elected, lasting until his succession/assassination.
"What do you think about Obama's views on drug policy and criminal justice reform?"

"Shut the fuck up and enjoy the Obamarama!"

"Lets go drink beer!"
by ShaolinPete November 07, 2008
1. Backing up your pals on facebook by repeating some of their words, to make it seem like they're a rapper.
Simon Smith
sick of the builders drilling outside my window, I'm bout to go out there and break some hard hats

Frank Jones


Sally Brown
stop posting statuses about bieber you morons

Katie Gardener


Chris Turner
baww I'm so hungry gonna get some toast

Jack Harper

Chris Turner
jack what are you doing?

Jack Harper
I was facebook hypemanning

Chris Turner
I wish you were dead
by ShaolinPete November 20, 2011
1. The coagulated substance clinging to the bristly groin of a female who has done without washing or hygene for at least a few menstrual cycles. An inch or two layer of sour cervical tissue creating a plug of greasy steaming filth in and around the entrance to ones stench trench. Often resembling a brownish green scab with black wire protruding from it in appearance, but harbouring the acrid smell of hot cheese and rotting prawn cocktail.

Most well known for the permanent dark stain it leaves on anything unfortunate enough to come into contact with its hot moist surface.
"Oh my god, this burnt mincemeat looks like clemin!"
by ShaolinPete November 07, 2008
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