Used to describe when one man is trying to convince a girl to dump her current boyfriend and go with him.
She is so fine. I gotta oaks her away from that guy she is with.
by big_bfb November 08, 2004
Industrial metal band based in the Wyre Forest. Gets through a helluva lot of bassists.
"You going to watch the OAK gig tonight?"
by the_neognostic August 24, 2008
an alternate name for the every-man-for-himself basketball game called 21. This name is used interchangably with "21" in parts of New York and New Jersey.
Player 1: Yo, son, let's play Oak.
Player 2: What the hell is Oak?
Player 1: It's 21, bitch.
Player 2: Oh, 21, aiight, my b.
by kmf January 04, 2007
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