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hounted house - place you go to get the shit scared out of you for a small fee
I don't wanna go to haunted house, I won't be able to sleep at night!
#zombie #house #hounted #scare #entertaiment
by Mariami October 25, 2007
Australians have long enjoyed the deliciously creamy taste of OAK flavoured milk because OAK is like a traditional and authentic milkshake - the way a flavoured milk should be!
Oak is the best Chocolate milk ever
#milk #australian #chocolate #beverages #best
by Mariami October 22, 2007
Something along the lines of home of homes, it means basically the epitome of all your culture, history, and national identity - your homeland and all that it is.
American is UK: I'm suddenly feeling very nostalgic, I miss vatan
#culture #history #national identity #home #homeland
by Mariami November 16, 2007
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