One Time Lover
we just fucked once it wont happen again

oh hes your otl
by Ericaca October 23, 2010
one true love
he's my otl
by cherrylm January 03, 2010
In Alternate History Fictions, "OTL" stands for "Our Time Line"
Operation Barbarossa failed in OTL, but what if Hitler had attacked sooner, listened to his generals, and equipped his soldiers with winter gear?
by Cicco June 20, 2005
abbrev. for On That Level
phrase attributed to Villanese, lingo frequently used by Villa kids at Blanchet High school in Seattle.
When you are either significantly drunk, or even zooted. undertone meaning is that of happiness.
Dude, Uriah was OTL at that party last night. He was preaching like nothing else.

Hey man you trying to get OTL this weekend?

Those stupid Villa kids love to get OTL, and then usually PTL (past that level) aka puke in toilets, sleep in sinks, and pass out outside.
by revoohdivad March 03, 2009
On The List; i.e, noted down for future payback or reward.
Dude, you stole my last beer! That's so OTL, bastard!
by Some 'kin Guy April 13, 2008
Acronym standing for "One True Love."
She's so excited, her OTL is coming this weekend.
by Rachaeljack October 30, 2005
OTL is an abbreveation for Out To Lunch, used in work environments
Marc - Hey Jim, I'm going OTL, take over.

Jim - Ok.
by spazzzzzzzzzzzy June 07, 2005

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