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Old Testament Longo.
When a philosophy teacher named Mr. Longo writes with chalk, his fingernails scratch the chalkboard making that disturbing noise everyone hates, and he whips the chalk into the garbage while uttering the words, "That's OTL".
by LongosBitchezz May 27, 2011
21 54
A man about to take it up his ass. The O is the heat, the T is the arms, and L is the ass and his legs.
What's that guy doing on the ground? He's in an OTL position...
by AKewlName December 04, 2011
41 75
On Thy Legs
by AnDoElSo May 06, 2011
39 79
A game, originating in San Diego, California. OTL stands for "Over the Line" Similar to softball where there is a batter, pitcher, and outfield.
The objective of the game is to get more homeruns than the opposing team. The batter tries to hit the ball (thrown upwards by the pitcher from the ground) with a bat and get it to fly over a line on the field. If it is caught midair, the batter is out. If it lands on the ground or is touched by one of the outfielders then hits the ground/goes out, then that counts as one base. If the ball flies past the farthest outfielder's head, it's a homerun.
PE Teacher: "Our next unit in PE this quarter is going to be OTL."
by TraaacyNguyen April 13, 2009
205 245
One Time Lover
we just fucked once it wont happen again

oh hes your otl
by Ericaca October 23, 2010
12 97
one true love
he's my otl
by cherrylm January 03, 2010
40 170
In Alternate History Fictions, "OTL" stands for "Our Time Line"
Operation Barbarossa failed in OTL, but what if Hitler had attacked sooner, listened to his generals, and equipped his soldiers with winter gear?
by Cicco June 20, 2005
55 195