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Praise The Lord !!!!!!!!!
Wow,after all that rain the sun comes out. PTL!!!
by LatinLabel July 11, 2005
Potato love

when she gives you hardcore kissing
when she bites you lips to hard
She was giving me a potato love
My lips were swollen after she gave me a PTL
by Potato_notjaredPotato October 02, 2015
Pain tolerance levels i.e. Scale from 1-10 used by medical professionals when you enter a hospital. If your talking and you say a 10 your a douche bag!

1) You stubbed your toe. It's now broken.
2) You dropped yourself into a vat of luke warm milk at a college frat gig i.e. see lame
3) You tripped up the stairs!
4) You burnt your wrist pulling pizza's out of a oven.
5) Your girl/guy punched you for being a complete douche bag, fag hag, bitch that took your thunder/mate. TKO

6) loosing a loved one, getting sh*t faced and falling in a ditch, waking up with a broken foot and leg. or
Your boy/girlfriend dumped hot wax from a 5hr burning candle on your nipples and went way too far. This causes 2nd to 3rd deg., burns.
7) Third degree burns/or/Loosing a Loved one (This can manifest into non~conversion and numbness to limbs and throbbing head aches/body parts manly to the right side of the human body).

8) Body parts dis located in an explosion of war.
9) Being involved in a 10 car pile up, restricted by seat belts, driving @ 90+ on the interstate, i.e. see douche bag drivers.
10) Being dropped in a vat of visceral material for more than 10 sec.
ER attendant: Sir what would you say your PTL's are today?
Patient: Well my girl found out I was hooking up with this other broad and put tube steak in a meat grinder. She flipped out like Lorana on meth. So I'd say "a 10. BTW your a hot blond thang can I get yo' #?"
ER attendant: No, if you can take a digit and troll your bs, I rate you at a 7. Nurse, can you get Mr. Meat grinder in a room before he bleeds out on our floor.
by Pcs((((<<<fsh}ndrw@tr December 18, 2009
Post-Thesis Life

The beautiful time when a college senior is finally finished with their senior thesis and can enjoy senior spring like a normal human being.
I can't wait for PTL, when I can finally drink with my friends again instead of working on my thesis.
by ivygate March 19, 2013
Pain Tolerance Level's
Any chick I fuck I have to know what her PTL's are so I know if she just wants me to twist her titties or if I can just outright beat the bitch's ass.
by J Nixon July 02, 2009
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