Gayest os ever made. Windows XP PWNS it!
If everybody wanted to use OS X, they would. Eberybody I know has Windows XP or Vista. Mac users are stupid liberals in their college dorms jacking off to goatse.
by Scarface47 February 06, 2008
One of the worst OS's in the market. The OS Has limited capabilities, and limited 3rd party software compared to it's advesaries.

It's fairly obvious that they are suffering, why else would they now allow Windows to be installed on a Mac? Because Windows is more functional than OS X and people know that.

Finally, the makers of OS X, Apple, is an attempt at a monopoly over you once you buy their product. Mac this, iPoo that, with other OS's, you can get choose from a multitude of 3rd party addons or software that OS X can't compare to.

Most people complain about Other OS's problems, however these are usually because of carelessness and things THEY downloaded. When OS X crashes, it crashes.
Person A: "My Windows PC keeps crashing, why?"
Person B: "Because you got a virus. It' called W32.whatever."

Person A: "My Mac keeps crashing, why?"
Person B: "Because you got a virus. It's called OS X"
by tehTruth1 October 02, 2006
The worst operating system since OS 9.
Apple OS X is the equivalent of Windows 3.1 - but with a dock.
by moltovivace July 22, 2005
An extraordinarily slow operating system that is very secure. The closest Windows comes to it in terms of not crashing is Windows 2000 Pro. But basically all Windows operating systems since 3.1 are better than anything Mac has made.
Pick your poison, an os that never crashes but never lets you get anything done or an os that you can use that may crash every once in awhile.
by Jsaid June 05, 2005
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