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An AIM bot that doesn't possess the ability to follow more than two lines of conversation; ie, is totally oblivious to whatever led up to the current reply. However, SmarterChild responds with dutiful innocence to any sort of cruel trick you play on it, so it's amusing all the same.
me: "What is the letter that comes after K in the alphabet?"

SmarterChild: "I don't know, what is the letter that comes after K in the alphabet?"

me: "It's L."

SmarterChild: "It's L? What is that supposed to mean?"
by placebo February 01, 2005
The honed science of painstakingly designing young Japanese girls with the greatest rapability ever imagined.
"Holy shit, look at that hentai, it's like each sweat pore deserves penetration!"
by placebo January 26, 2005
A game that manages by some divine power to completely waste your life and lets you have fun while doing so.
"I'm $50,000 into debt because of all the gold I bought off of ige.com, and I have to pay child support for my wife who divorced me, but I'm happy, because I have a Level 50 Palladin and can gank all the noobs I want."
by placebo February 01, 2005
Hottest digital chick ever.
"I'd pay a million dollars if I could use my gravity gun on Alyx Vance's clothes."
by placebo February 17, 2005
An text-smilie with a usage somewhere between 'lol' and ':D'. Visually similar to the clenched eyes of South Park characters.
"Hey, wanna cyber???"

by placebo February 13, 2005
A country with great potential located on the southern part of a peninsula that juts out from China and the rest of mainland Asia. For centuries, it had been the cultural link from China to Japan, but when the West began to modernize the East, its power and influence dropped greatly, due to the stronger modernized countries of Japan, the US and Russia that became involved with it.
South Korea has undergone its share of highs and lows, and has made a remarkable leap from 3rd World country to a modern democracy in the last fifty years or so, but it still has a long way to go before it reaches world class status.
If South Korea is going to get anywhere, it should first learn to forgive and befriend its neighboring countries, especially Japan.
I am a South Korean because I live in South Korea.
by placebo December 08, 2004
Visual orgasm. The next Unreal Tournament, scheduled for a late 2006 release. Nothing looks this good and runs in realtime.
"Mom, can I have three thousand dollars?"


"I need to upgrade my computer for Unreal Tournament 2007!"
by placebo September 22, 2005

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