An acronym for Operation Raw Deal, an international DEA effort to bust online sales and trafficking of steroids.

It is also the airport code for Chicago O'Hare International Airport.
Ever since ORD people need to be smarter about sourcing online.
by macbasq December 09, 2008
stands for Obsessive RENT Disorder-Someone who is obsessed with RENT. They know every word to every song, have seen BOTH the movie and the play, and love it to death. They know every little detail, from the fact that 'Take Me Or Leave Me' was added two rehearsals before show time, to the precise differences between the Movie and Stage show, such as...the beginning to I'll Cover You isn't "Cold", "Come on", it's "Alone at last..." "...Darling, we're everything", and Take Me or Leave Me belongs in Joanne's loft, not the Greenwich Village Country Club.
True ORD+ (Obesssive RENT Disorder positive) are one in 525600. ;-)
by The Vampire Welfare Queen May 18, 2009
(1) Individual who mimics the language/actions/behavior of someone else because he lacks originality/creativity.
(2) Used to acknowledge emphatic agreement with someone.
(1) "Look at that douche. What an ord!"
(2) B : "I'd love to bang Naomi Watts."
P : "Ord!"
by P-Diddler June 30, 2003
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