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Obsessive Rating Disorder, when a person deliberately rates something up or down to round the number to the nearest 10.
Sue: Hey why did you rate that up, it was shit
Bob: it was on 599, i couldn't exactly leave it that way
Sue: Wow you should see a therapist about that ORD
by OxiMORON! November 18, 2010
Opperationally Ready Date.

the day every Singaporean male remembers more than their birthday

the day that a Singapore servicemen in either the armed forces or police force completes his 2 years of compulsory service to the nation (NS).

often used in the term 'ORD LO' to describe the feeling of ending their service, and to mock servicemen who are still serving.
a: 2 more months before i ord
b: ORD LO!
by 2ltljh May 27, 2012
Town in Central Nebraska as well as the home of the second biggest american flag in the state. All residence will attend Ord high school one of two schools in the nation with the mascot of the chanticleer. Also home to two time practice player of the year as well as best supporting actor Clyde J.R. Elliot.
I'm from Ord, Go Chants Go!
by Ordres August 07, 2011
Two words mixed together in one short and more simple word.

Or + did
"Did the Colts win the AFC Championship game or'd they choke like last year?"

"No, dude. They won, but they're going to lose to Da BEARS!"
by Justin "J-Dizzle" Austin January 21, 2007
Danish word for word
Der er bare så mange ord her
There is just so many word here
by ThatPhil February 18, 2015
1. A place, sweet spot, or any patch of land.
2. A country
3. to hail from or originate in
4. a sharp, precise point of either land-spot or blade tip
directly from middle English (ord) first ednewed on the Anglish moot by English purists editors

Wiktionary claims dialectial modern usage lingers on in some parts of England.
From ye olde Anglish moot:

No one knows the ord of the name London given by the Romefolk (Romans), who in the year 43 named the ord Londinium.

The building of the Olympic ord has inflowed newbuilding in Eastlondon.

Food-Strings (spaghetti) ord from Midrike (China).

Tertiary (third-hand borowing) source wiktionary useage examples:

"Saul drew his sword, And ran even upon the ord. — Cursor Mundi."

"And touched him with the spear's ord. — Romance of Sir Otuel."
by Regulus Pistor January 15, 2014
The abbreviation for O'Hare International Airport, located in Chicago, the busiest airport in the world.
My flight just got diverted to ORD from DFW today.
by acb November 15, 2005
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