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"Outfit Of the Day"

Usually used on fashion blogs, or other places where people show others that they are wearing or have worn.
"Here is my OOTD."

Same as "Here is my outfit of the day."
by Cryz_thefabb May 23, 2010
Outfit of the day, usually found on Tumblr or fashion blogs
'Here's my OOTD. I'm wearing red flats & skinny jeans.'
by potathoughts May 27, 2012
Outfit Of The Day.
When typed simultaneously with the word "bikini" or "underwear" in a YouTube search bar, OOTD will return soft fapping material for guys who like young models.
"Man, my parents blocked all the adult sites on my computer."
"That's okay man, OOTD that shit on YouTube.
by CGFaker January 07, 2014
Opinion Of The Day
Jersey Shore shouldn't be as popular as it is. Just my OOTD.

OOTD? You look awful.
by emilysnap January 22, 2011
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