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The ship name for Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter franchise.
SPOILER ALERT: This ship ends up together at the end of the series, and married in the epilogue. They have a son and daughter: Rose and Hugo Weasley.
HPer 1: I'm such a dromione fan. Will never stop reading those ships.
HPer 2: How can you not be a romione? OTP FOR LIFE.
by emilysnap May 30, 2011
A type of person who laughs or "chuckles" constantly, especially one whom another person shares much laughter with.
"Last night I was hanging out with Allie, it was so much fun! She's such a chucklebox."

"I couldn't stop laughing - I felt like a chucklebox!"
by emilysnap December 27, 2009
1. Family & Friends

2. Forgive & Forget

3. Fuck it & Forget
1. "Wanna hang out?"
"Yeah sure come over, we're having F&F over tonight."


3. "Man this is a really stupid thing to be fighting about. Lets just F&F okay?
by emilysnap December 24, 2009
The result of a person posting multiple messages on another person's formspring account.
Sounds like a case of the formspam...
by emilysnap June 07, 2010
There is absolutely no other definition for an o face besides the face a youtube viewer makes when he or she is craving an outro performed by Tobuscus.
Also known as "outro-jingle face," or "outro face"
I was totally having my o face on, and then he finally fufilled my needs.

Tobuscus: You had that outro-jingle look on your face - no offence. That's a compliment. A very attractive feature in a lot of cultures, called outro face - look it up! - or o face, for short.
by emilysnap February 26, 2011
Opinion Of The Day
Jersey Shore shouldn't be as popular as it is. Just my OOTD.

OOTD? You look awful.
by emilysnap January 22, 2011

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