Living proof that money talks.
OJ Simpson continues to walk as a free man (for now anyway).
by FrankHardy May 09, 2008
a former football star for the Buffalo Bills, a sociopoath and cold-blooded killer. The only people who think he is innocent are the nieve, stupid blacks. If anybody belives this man is innocent then they are really stupid or have their head up their ass. He may not be a convicted killer but he is a killer nonetheless. He brutally killed his wife Nicloe Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman in a fit of rage in June 1994 at their Brentwood (Los Angeles), CA home. He threatened suicide in the backseat of his Ford Bronco driven by his best friend Al Cowlings down the I-405 Freeway in the nations' most highly rated car chase. If he is so innocent then where is the evidence of another killer? Gimme' a break. Everyone knows he did it. So does the blacks but they won't admit it because he is black too. It makes me sick.

The only reason this man was acquitted was because the stupid jury was afraid a conviction would lead to another Los Angeles race riot. The "trial of the century" was the most notorious murder trial in the media. Simpson holds no shamed for the killings and has fluanted his acquital in our face. He has become a narcisist.

Since his acquittal, Simpson's life has been a living hell. He lost a civil trail against the Goldman and Brown families and was held liable for the deaths. He owes the families of the victims millions, of which he has yet to pay. He has been expelled from nightclubs, restaurants, passenger aircraft, golf courses, etc. The rights to his book "IF I Did It..." are owned by the Goldman family in which Simpson provides us clues of his guilt. What a guy.
OJ Simpson is a cold-blooded killer, narcisist and sociopath.
by krock1dk September 14, 2007
A Man who can get away with anything
Yo, He just o.jed your ass
by JackOffJack January 10, 2005
An all American football hero who was lucky enough to get away with killing his wife and her friend.
Everyone knows he's guilty (especially white people) but black people like to pretend that he isn't.
"We the jury find the defendant, O.J. Simpson, not guilty of the crime of murder."
by Nevz July 21, 2009
A man who is not Jewish.
Adam Sandler: OJ Simpson, not a Jew.
Adam Sandler: OJ Simpson, still not a Jew.
by HappyFunBallUser July 05, 2009
The combination of gin and orange juice. That is to say, a killer orange juice.
A: I made you a drink, homie.
B: (sips) Yo, this orange juice right here is killer!
A: That's that OJ Simpson, mayne!

A: We're gettin our swerve on tonight. Shout outs to OJ Simpson (raises beverage with aforementioned mixed drink).
by juan funkee salopian January 17, 2012
1. An star top-notch football athlete.
2. A man who was like "man, I'm black, don't be racist" and sticks guns to his head while racing down highways with the police in pursuit all for sporting entertainment.
O J Simpson likes gloves that don't fit, because the jury must acquit.
by Matt Mapplah January 15, 2009
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